Organic Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin), Bulk Size

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Organic Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin), Bulk Size

  Organic virgin coconut oil RAW AMRITA

Coconut oil has many incredible benefits of which many people are not aware.

  • Coconut oil is one of the best quality oils for baking, cooking and frying, it no cholesterol, sodium or sugar. It contains an unusual composition of saturated fats, mainly lauric acid and myristic acids, which have been found to have many health benefits. This also makes it an excellent source of energy, as it is the type of fat which is burned straight away rather than stored.
  • Besides for cooking, coconut oil is a great moisturiser for dry skin, as it is 100% natural there are no side effects when applying it to the skin, it's rich nutritional value helps in prevention of skin ageing signs such as saggy skin and wrinkles.
  • This oil has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties which help to improve our immune system by fighting harmful bacterias and viruses.
  • It helps our bodies to absorb nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins.
  • Coconut oil is often found in the ingredient list of many hair care products as it strengthens the hair and speeds up it growth, it can also be used in the treatment of dandruff.
  • The oil found in coconuts can be a great help when trying to lose weight as it boosts up our bodies ability to digest food and absorb nutrients so when can eat less without feeling weak or tired all the time. 
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Tomas - Verified Buyer

Very happy with the coconut oil, lovely taste as expected. Many thanks.

Date: 16.06.2020
Jody Gordon - Verified Buyer
Date: 07.01.2020
Ilona Braske - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.08.2019
Bob Allen - Verified Buyer

Lovely oil, great customer service too, you were very patient with me, thanks,I'm a bit slow at times....haha

Date: 16.08.2019
Olivia - Verified Buyer


Date: 22.07.2019