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Medjool Dates

4.67 out of 5 stars

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Medjool Dates

They are sweet, delicious fruits from the tropical oasis, brimming with much-needed minerals and energy to help you stay fit and healthy.

Health benefits: Dried dates will maintain your sugar level, aid digestion, prevent anaemia and also bring you a lower risk of heart disease. Then, they will improve overall health.

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* Packed in an environment which also handles nuts, peanuts, sesame, seeds, gluten, soya, milk and sulphured fruits

Customers Reviews

4.67 out of 5 stars
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Phil2020 - Verified Buyer

I got a bag of these on a recent order and think they are excellent. All are properly ripe, often not the case when you buy these in a supermarket. Defintely recommend and will buy some more. Worth trying the Mazafati dates also available on this site, not sure why they're cheaper as they seem much more luxurious than the Medjool dates.

Date: 11.06.2020
Gm - Verified Buyer

I am very happy with the purchase, quality of dates as expected, super soft and delicious. Speedy delivery.

Date: 14.05.2020
Rita Coleman - Verified Buyer

Big, delicious and juicy dates!

Date: 01.05.2020
Catherine - Verified Buyer

Easy to order, they called to let me know about my order and prompt deliver. Dates are lovey. Way nicer than the SuperValu brand I had been getting. Highly recommend

Date: 30.04.2020
Sarah Boyle - Verified Buyer

These dates are some of the best we've bought in Ireland and this family loves its dates!!!!!!

Date: 22.04.2020
Angela - Verified Buyer

These dates are absolutely fabulous and melt in your mouth.

Date: 16.04.2020
Almard - Verified Buyer
Date: 12.04.2020
Ayman Ali - Verified Buyer


Date: 29.11.2019
Shane - Verified Buyer

Although the first time I bought dates from here they were mostly nice and juicy, this recent order (5kg) 90% of them are dry. Very disappointing, the eating pleasure drops off a cliff when they go dry.

Date: 17.11.2019
Palarete - Verified Buyer

Great juicy dates with a rich caramel flavor. Great cake for money when bought in bulk. A great replacement for processed sugar. Can be used in baking or smoothies to add some sweetness without spiking sugar levels too high.

Date: 29.09.2019
Kateryna Purchel - Verified Buyer
Date: 06.09.2019
Gillian Coyne - Verified Buyer

These are the best dates and such good quality

Date: 01.09.2019
Ross - Verified Buyer

Incredible dates - great quality. I've bought them multiple times and the standard does not drop

Date: 12.06.2019
Sheila - Verified Buyer

Absolutely delicious, really good value.

Date: 30.04.2019
Naoise Holmes - Verified Buyer

Hi there, I would like to buy dates with every order but not Israeli origin dates for political reasons. Would be great to see non Israeli dates on the site. Regards,

Date: 28.04.2019