Medjool Dates

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Medjool Dates

They are sweet, delicious fruits from the tropical oasis, brimming with much-needed minerals and energy to help you stay fit and healthy.

Health benefits: Dried dates will maintain your sugar level, aid digestion, prevent anaemia and also bring you a lower risk of heart disease. Then, they will improve overall health.

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* Packed in an environment which also handles nuts, peanuts, sesame, seeds, gluten, soya, milk and sulphured fruits

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4.38 out of 5 stars
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Ayman Ali - Verified Buyer


Date: 29.11.2019
Shane - Verified Buyer

Although the first time I bought dates from here they were mostly nice and juicy, this recent order (5kg) 90% of them are dry. Very disappointing, the eating pleasure drops off a cliff when they go dry.

Date: 17.11.2019
Palarete - Verified Buyer

Great juicy dates with a rich caramel flavor. Great cake for money when bought in bulk. A great replacement for processed sugar. Can be used in baking or smoothies to add some sweetness without spiking sugar levels too high.

Date: 29.09.2019
Kateryna Purchel - Verified Buyer
Date: 06.09.2019
Gillian Coyne - Verified Buyer

These are the best dates and such good quality

Date: 01.09.2019
Ross - Verified Buyer

Incredible dates - great quality. I've bought them multiple times and the standard does not drop

Date: 12.06.2019
Sheila - Verified Buyer

Absolutely delicious, really good value.

Date: 30.04.2019
Naoise Holmes - Verified Buyer

Hi there, I would like to buy dates with every order but not Israeli origin dates for political reasons. Would be great to see non Israeli dates on the site. Regards,

Date: 28.04.2019