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Robert - Verified Buyer
Date: 22.07.2019 | Product - Ground Almonds (Flour)
Eamon Wolfe - Verified Buyer

I found Nutsinbulk online while I was looking for almonds,and while I am cautious about buying online,Trustpilot had good reviews,so I ordered almonds,sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.Everything was as I hoped,3kg of each,very good prices and quality,putting together another order for Brazil nuts and salt,and some almond flour.Thank you Nutsinbulk.

Date: 20.07.2019
Kathy - Verified Buyer

This is a great service provider and the quality of their products is good. I would though prefer them to use more sustainable packaging as the amount of plastic in my delivery was excessive. I know many other suppliers use home compostable or paper packaging. I hope Nuts in Bulk will consider this option and soon.

Date: 20.07.2019
Christina - Verified Buyer

Very happy with my whole order , everything very good quality and good value. Already reordered roasted chickpeas my daughter loves them. Now trying dried cherries and date sugar :)

Date: 18.07.2019
Alm - Verified Buyer

As expected. Highly recommended

Date: 16.07.2019 | Product - Quinoa Tricolour Mix
Bernie Keeney - Verified Buyer

Excellent service and really fast delivery.
Thank you.

Date: 15.07.2019 | Product - Hazelnuts in Shell
Jack Zagar - Verified Buyer

Great delivery time and great quality of product. The dried dark Amarena Cherries are advertised without syrup but in fact come packaged with syrup with the cherries quite "wet" and not dry at all.

Date: 15.07.2019
Anna - Verified Buyer

Very happy with my first order. I will be ordering all my fruit, seeds and nuts from this company from here on.
Great prices and excellent delivery service.
No unnecessary packaging.
Overall - an excellent experience.

Date: 15.07.2019
Michaela - Verified Buyer

Great service

Date: 15.07.2019 | Product - Large Hazelnuts Pieces
Michael Nugent - Verified Buyer
Date: 14.07.2019 | Product - Mixed Nuts, Berries & Seeds
Mel Baldwin - Verified Buyer

This is the first time I've ordered from nutsinbulk, but it will definitely not be the last.

I've been searching for a while, to find great products at great I've found these guys, the BIG supermarkets will never be on my list....NUTS IN BULK all the way!

I bought a large mix of nuts, seeds & herbs. Each product is great quality, amazing prices and the fact they supply them all in resealable paper bags is fantastic!

Thank you for doing your bit to eradicate the sea of plastic guys, this is the perfect example of what 'can' be done!

From start to finish, easy website, speedy delivery, great packaging and service, HIGH was a pleasure doing business and I can't recommend nutsinbulk enough.

I'll be back (it will take me a while to chomp through my order) but I'll definitely be back.

Date: 12.07.2019
Nusrat - Verified Buyer

I bought almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts & mejdool dates. Quite satisfied and happy with my purchase. The packaging was good. The nuts were good quality. I especially liked the pistachios and cashew nuts. Thnaks you NutsInBulk. Please keep up the good quality of the nuts. Only a small complaint - the DPD courier people who delivered, just left the box outside our apartment and we were not even aware of it. They could have knocked or called.

Date: 11.07.2019
Olivias Yummy Raw Treats - Verified Buyer

Excellent high quality and customer service so lovely to deal with nothing is a problem so efficient and always deliver on time thank you for such a great service:)

Date: 10.07.2019
Martin Walmsley - Verified Buyer

You won't find hazelnuts like this in the shops. they are amazing !

Date: 09.07.2019 | Product - Large Hazelnuts Pieces
Shaun Pryde - Verified Buyer
Date: 04.07.2019
Philippa - Verified Buyer

Thank you so much for offering sustainable packaging - I love your new paper bags! Perhaps you could promote this on your order page so that everyone knows that you offer this. I am delighted that your company is taking the initiative to reduce plastic packaging. Thank you so much from a very happy customer!

Date: 04.07.2019
Emmanuel - Verified Buyer

This is a big time saver and great food provider in Ireland. Quality is the best for Ireland (I shopped inside Dublin, for nuts they are the best in term of taste), and I'm sure they will be even more improved even more in the months and years to come with a wide wider variety of organic produces, coming from Mediterranean countries. Thanks a lot for such a delicious service. Lots of love.

Date: 02.07.2019
Deeno Jacob - Verified Buyer

I made a small bulk order for the household use. Delivered in 24 hrs,best quality and better packaging than most of store bought ones.Highly recommended.

Date: 18.06.2019
Ross - Verified Buyer

Incredible dates - great quality. I've bought them multiple times and the standard does not drop

Date: 12.06.2019 | Product - Medjool Dates
Adam Riches - Verified Buyer

Great mixture of nuts and seeds. There is an amazing variety provided, far more than expected. The fact that there are nuts, seeds and dried fruits mean there is a big variety of size and that you can pack a small pot full with them.

Date: 06.06.2019 | Product - Mixed Nuts, Berries & Seeds