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Helen - Verified Buyer
Date: 07.07.2020 | Product - Flaked Almonds (Sliced)
Ramona - Verified Buyer

These dates were a bit dry for me as snack. Some in packet were very tough but majority is good for chopping into overnight oats or into baking.

Date: 05.07.2020 | Product - Pitted Dates
Ramona - Verified Buyer

Great buy. This tahini is perfect for hummus and used in snacks. No bitter taste and great price.

Date: 05.07.2020 | Product - Sesame Butter (Tahini, 100% Sesame)
Ramona - Verified Buyer

Great sunflower seeds and will definitely buy again. Perfect for snack or in salad. Kids love them too.

Date: 05.07.2020 | Product - Sunflower Seeds Kernels
Ramona - Verified Buyer

Love the chia seeds. We use them for baking, in overnight oats and kids put them into their juice to thicken it up. Definitely will buy again. Thank you.

Date: 05.07.2020 | Product - Chia Seeds
Amy Barry - Verified Buyer

I have not used them all as yet but a number of them were very dried up and difficult to get the seeds out of them. They will be used though!

Date: 03.07.2020 | Product - Vanilla Pods
Amy Barry - Verified Buyer

I think a better chocolate could be used but they were eaten!

Date: 03.07.2020 | Product - Honeycomb Coated in Milk Chocolate
Vanda Bowles - Verified Buyer

Always a quality service and great product.

Date: 03.07.2020
Dave - Verified Buyer

My new favourite almond, fabulous taste.

Date: 02.07.2020 | Product - Smoked Almonds (Whole)
Aidan Coughlan - Verified Buyer

Good quality, fair prices on most items, delivery on time.

Date: 02.07.2020
Natalie Kane - Verified Buyer

Excellent quality and delicious organic almonds. Speedy delivery. No issues.

Date: 02.07.2020
Guido Ceruti - Verified Buyer
Date: 02.07.2020 | Product - Mixed Chopped Dried Fruits
Guido Ceruti - Verified Buyer
Date: 02.07.2020 | Product - Pistachio Rolled Turkish Delight covered with coconut
Guido Ceruti - Verified Buyer
Date: 02.07.2020 | Product - Mixed Berries & Nuts without Peanuts
Guido Ceruti - Verified Buyer
Date: 02.07.2020 | Product - Mixed Seeds
Guido Ceruti - Verified Buyer
Date: 02.07.2020 | Product - Pistachios Kernels Raw
Nicki Petcher - Verified Buyer

My craving for dried apple is truly satisfied. Grazing on them but I will be adding to my cooking to. Awesome value.

Date: 01.07.2020 | Product - Dried Apple Pieces (Diced)
Nicki Petcher - Verified Buyer

Wow. Value for money is incredible. I'm going to make the most amazing dishes with these. Top quality.

Date: 01.07.2020 | Product - Organic Sundried Tomatoes
Nicki Petcher - Verified Buyer

Awesome. Really amazing. Pricey but so sweet that really a small amount is only needed. Glad I found this as as a sweet tooth when trying not to eat bad sugar is great.A unique coca-nutty flavour and delightful consistency.

Date: 01.07.2020 | Product - Organic Coconut Sugar
Nicki Petcher - Verified Buyer

Eating these took me right back to Greece. Utterly addictive.

Date: 01.07.2020 | Product - Roasted Salted Chickpeas