DELIVERIES (Update 31.03.2020)

All orders will be delayed by 4 to 5 workings days due to an unexpectedly large volume of orders.


For everyone's safety, we won't be able to fulfil orders for collection or buy in person.

Stay safe everyone. Thank you.

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Sydney Smith - Verified Buyer

I am still waiting for my order to be delivered. Now over a week waiting

Date: 29.05.2020
Rasa - Verified Buyer

Very good quality product. Tastes good.

Date: 28.05.2020 | Product - Dried Flaked Garlic
Denise - Verified Buyer
Date: 27.05.2020 | Product - Ground Turmeric (Powder)
Fathima - Verified Buyer

Soft and sweet :)

Date: 27.05.2020 | Product - Organic Natural Sun-dried Apricots
Fathima - Verified Buyer

Very tasty! My kids love it!

Date: 27.05.2020 | Product - Organic Dried Banana Chips
Gosia - Verified Buyer

The best peanut butter!

Date: 27.05.2020 | Product - Peanut Butter (100% Nuts)
Laura Kelly - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.05.2020 | Product - Strawberry Turkish Delight with Icing Sugar
Laura Kelly - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.05.2020 | Product - Roasted & Salted Corn Seeds
Kathy Smith - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.05.2020 | Product - Blanched Peanuts (Whole)
Sean Mccarthy - Verified Buyer
Date: 25.05.2020
Kasia - Verified Buyer

Delicious :-)

Date: 25.05.2020 | Product - Organic Coconut Chips
Eamon - Verified Buyer

Great, just what was ordered, will purchase again

Date: 23.05.2020
Noreen Oleary - Verified Buyer

Really prompt delivery and high quality product

Date: 23.05.2020
Calin - Verified Buyer

Perfect quality and size for making cashew milks, butter and cheeses, makes a very good mozzarella. Not too bad tasting on their own either so works well in a trail mix

Date: 23.05.2020 | Product - Cashews Pieces (Large)
Calin - Verified Buyer

Great product, great tasting and very versatile for cooking

Date: 23.05.2020 | Product - Natural Dates Paste
Yana - Verified Buyer

Very good quality. Roasted these and made my own peanut butter.

Date: 23.05.2020 | Product - Paleskin Peanuts
Yana - Verified Buyer

Very fragrant cinnamon!

Date: 23.05.2020 | Product - Ground Ceylon Cinnamon
Justina Nilsson - Verified Buyer

Gorgeous dried fruit and nuts, great value and fast service! Love it. Will be ordering again!

Date: 22.05.2020
Fiachra Carroll - Verified Buyer

I had some issues with the order that I placed but after some emails with Alex we were able to sort everything out and I'm looking forward to my next order!

Date: 22.05.2020
Sharon Dunne - Verified Buyer
Date: 21.05.2020