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All orders will be delayed by 4 to 5 workings days due to an unexpectedly large volume of orders.


For everyone's safety, we won't be able to fulfil orders for collection or buy in person.

Stay safe everyone. Thank you.

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Patricia Enright - Verified Buyer
Date: 29.03.2020 | Product - Odorless Coconut Oil 1 L (Refined, Gold)
Ioana - Verified Buyer

Fresh and tasty, highly recommend!

Date: 28.03.2020 | Product - Organic Walnuts Pieces/Quarters
Heather Atkinson - Verified Buyer

Lovely quality foods.They are well packed and arrived in good timr.

Date: 27.03.2020
Maeve Wallace - Verified Buyer

Turkish delight unavailable, but everything else superb. Mixed dried fruits totally delicious.

Date: 26.03.2020
Julia - Verified Buyer
Date: 25.03.2020 | Product - Raw Whole Cashew Nuts
Rhoda Webb - Verified Buyer

great product, highly recommended.

Date: 25.03.2020
Christina - Verified Buyer

Lovely cocoa , the cocoa butter makes it so rich , 1cup ground nuts,1cup date paste, 1/2cup nut butter ,1/2cup cocoa : raw brownies :) yum

Date: 25.03.2020 | Product - Organic Cacao Powder 10-12% Fat
Rose - Verified Buyer

I assumed "standard grade" meant regular raisins like you'd find in your grocery aisle but the package actually said "baking grade" and they definitely don't taste like regular raisins. They're less sweet and coarser and my big problem is that my kid didn't like them. I find Nuts in Bulk to be quite good for everything but this is the second time I've struck out trying to find just plain ordinary raisins!

Date: 24.03.2020 | Product - Raisins Standard Grade
Helen - Verified Buyer

Excellent service, prompt replies despite being in the midst of a national crisis and fast delivery. Highly recommend

Date: 24.03.2020
Peter Hronec - Verified Buyer

Great, quick, good size of product, lets hope quality too.

Date: 24.03.2020
Ana Rodriguez - Verified Buyer

Love the chocolate to peanut ration.
Thank you.

Date: 24.03.2020 | Product - Peanuts Coated in Dark Chocolate
Ramunea Marcinkeviciene - Verified Buyer

All the products are high quality I would definitely recommend it.

Date: 23.03.2020
Chris Major - Verified Buyer
Date: 22.03.2020 | Product - Ground Turmeric (Powder)
Rob - Verified Buyer

Super impressed with all my products. Great value and service, will be returning for sure.

Date: 22.03.2020 | Product - Goji Berries
Retno - Verified Buyer

Good quality with reasonable price.

Date: 22.03.2020 | Product - Dried Cranberries
Retno - Verified Buyer

Very chewy and fresh

Date: 22.03.2020 | Product - Dried Apricots
Retno - Verified Buyer

Good quality and fresh

Date: 22.03.2020 | Product - Whole Almonds (Raw, Shelled)
Julia - Verified Buyer

Super service and quality of all products is brilliant. Have ordered from nuts in bulk on numerous occasions and I highly recommend them. Fantastic company with fantastic service and quality products.

Date: 20.03.2020
Julia - Verified Buyer

Absolutely gorgeous

Date: 20.03.2020 | Product - Dried Vegetable Chips
Julia - Verified Buyer
Date: 20.03.2020 | Product - Desiccated Coconut