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For everyone's safety, we won't be able to fulfil orders for collection or buy in person.

Stay safe everyone. Thank you.

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Denise Clynch - Verified Buyer

Very happy to have found Very satisfied with the quality of the products and service so far.

Date: 05.06.2020
Deirdre Ni Ghallchoir - Verified Buyer

All the nuts and seeds i ordered are top quality except for the yogurt coated peanuts. None of my family will eat them, the peanuts inside are not crunchy but slightly soft and there is a taste off them as if they were stored right beside spices possibly??? Everything else was lovely, but i would not recommend the yogurt coated peanuts.

Date: 04.06.2020
Deirdre Ni Ghallchoir - Verified Buyer

Nicest peanuts ive tasted!

Date: 04.06.2020 | Product - Peanuts Roasted & Salted
Deirdre Ni Ghallchoir - Verified Buyer
Date: 04.06.2020 | Product - Chopped Diced Dates
Deirdre Ni Ghallchoir - Verified Buyer

Perfect seeds!

Date: 04.06.2020 | Product - Chia Seeds
Deirdre Ni Ghallchoir - Verified Buyer

Great quality!

Date: 04.06.2020 | Product - Poppy Seeds
Deirdre Ni Ghallchoir - Verified Buyer

Good quality almonds, taste lovely.

Date: 04.06.2020 | Product - Whole Almonds (Raw, Shelled)
Salman Ulusoy - Verified Buyer
Date: 03.06.2020
Nicole - Verified Buyer

Great flavour, and not too super fine, a nice grind to it. Would have gotten the rock salt version but it was out of stock, but this is a great compromise.

Date: 03.06.2020 | Product - Himalayan Pink Fine Salt
Nicole - Verified Buyer

Absolutely DELICIOUS!! The perfect flavour and not too sickeningly sweet like the supermarket ones can be. A lovely treat to get plastic-free cereal too!

Date: 03.06.2020 | Product - Honey Almond Rings Cereals
Nicole - Verified Buyer

The perfect crunch and a perfect alternative to chocolate when you want something sweet!

Date: 03.06.2020 | Product - Banana Chips
Nicole - Verified Buyer

Very chunky slices, but nice and chewy and very tasty. Great snack for humans and bunny food treats too!

Date: 03.06.2020 | Product - Dried Apple Rings
Nicole - Verified Buyer

Perfectly sliced and very tasty.

Date: 03.06.2020 | Product - Flaked Almonds (Sliced)
Sue - Verified Buyer
Date: 01.06.2020 | Product - Walnuts Pieces
Hilary Bellamy - Verified Buyer

A delicious selection. Really fresh.

Date: 01.06.2020 | Product - Mixed Nuts without Peanuts
Toni - Verified Buyer

Excellent produce, excellent service with prompt delivery

Date: 31.05.2020
Ala - Verified Buyer
Date: 30.05.2020
Teresa - Verified Buyer

Delighted to have found a place I can buy organic nuts and dried fruit in large quantities and at a reasonable price. Reckon I will be a regular customer. Would love if the spices were organic also...

Date: 30.05.2020
Peggy Mcguigan - Verified Buyer

First class produce love all 5 stars will order again

Date: 29.05.2020
Alison - Verified Buyer

Beautiful quality products , great value and service is always speedy

Date: 29.05.2020